“Going out and about”: Researching Stony Creek in Yarraville and the Beach Place in Torquay

Mindy Blaise, Catherine Hamm, and Jeanne Marie Iorio are working on a collaborative, multi-sensory ethnography that involves groups of young children and their teachers walking to a local creek in Yarraville and a beach site in Torquay. The children  engage with the place, people and the more-than-human by paying attention to relationships and local practices. Drawing on a ‘common world’ framework, this project is concerned with the ways that children learn with the full range of human and more-than human relations within their immediate and shared worlds. Multi-sensory methods (walking and talking, walking and listening, walking and smelling, walking and sitting, walking and audio-recording, walking and making, walking and touching) are used to experiment with what ‘we’ see, hear, smell, and feel when going to the creek and beach. Although multisensory methods can rely on looking and surveillance, in this project we use them to highlight different modes of attention, such as rhythms, textures, and the atmospheres of ‘place happenings’ across these two contexts.



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