Australian/Canadian Early Childhood Common Worlds Multispecies Ethnography


Affrica Taylor and Veronica Pacini–Ketchabaw  are working on an ongoing ethnographic research  project in collaboration with early childhood educators at Wiradjuri Early Childhood and Preschool  Centre (University of Canberra, Australia) and University of Victoria  Child Care Centre. The early childhood educator partners are Adam Duncan and Carmel Richardson (University of Canberra) and  Sherri-Lynn Yazbeck, Julia Wilson, and Batool Alishan (University of Victoria, BC). This project is highly attuned to Donna Haraway’s grounded  bio-philosophies of ordinary, everyday multispecies entanglements. It maintains an ethico-political perspective on past and present  colonialist and ecological relations and legacies in the respective  Australian and Canadian local sites. Children are regular visitors to the British Columbia forests and Australian bushlands on the university campuses. Researchers and educators are designing common world pedagogies that respond to children’s actual relations with the plants and animals in these very geographically distinctive  environments, and engage children in paying close attention to the place and the other species that are there with us. We are interested in how we might learn with other species in the places we co-inhabit.



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