‘Alternative’ Education Spaces in the United Kingdom

Since 2003, Peter Kraftl‘s research has examined ‘alternative’ education spaces in the UK context. Alternative education spaces do not follow the UK National Curriculum and are not funded directly by the State. They replace all or part of a child’s learning in a context where it is expected (but not mandated) that children go to school. Alternative education spaces are important as their (adult) originators seek to imagine, represent, materialise and practice childhoods differently from a perceived mainstream. Peter argues that these ‘alter-childhoods’ warrant critical but also affirmative engagement – they are attempts to experiment with and solidify different constellations of child, adult and non-human, frequently involving complex (although not necessarily unproblematic) engagements with the affective energies of place. More information about this project can be found in Peter’s book, Geographies of Alternative Education, published by Policy Press in 2013.




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