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The Common World Childhoods Research Collective is an interdisciplinary network of researchers concerned with children’s relations with the more-than-human world. Members work across the fields of childhood studies, early childhood education, children’s geographies, environmental education, and Indigenous and environmental humanities.



We approach children’s lives as situated and embedded in ‘common worlds’ (Latour, 2004). The notion of common worlds is an inclusive, more than human notion. It helps us to avoid the divisive distinction that is often drawn between human societies and natural environments. By re-situating children’s lives within indivisible common worlds, our research focuses upon the ways in which their past, present and future lives are entangled with those of other beings, non- living entities, technologies, elements, discourses, forces, landforms … In particular, our common worlds research follows the themes of children’s relations with other species, with the material world and with place.